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Stunning visuals
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“The 3D animation in 3D Anime is mind-blowing. It's like stepping into the anime world.”

Ulysses Smith

Ulysses Smith

3D Anime

Breathtaking Visuals

3D Anime brings anime characters to life with stunning 3D visuals that will leave you in awe.

“The visuals are amazingly stunning”

Feature Review

Mysterious Writer (Blogger)

Breathtaking Visuals

Introducing Clockwork Mender

Introducing Clockwork Mender by yours truly 3D Anime in conjuction with @SamTheBay & The Etherscape Game.

Thank you bro 🙏

This is not just an in game NFT but soon to be a playable character in The Etherscape game itself.

Scan the code to receive your new Nft and playable character.

Limited supplies left.

Join The Etherscape if you dare!!

<span>Introducing Clockwork Mender</span>

Meet Fumie Our Narrator

For those that missed out on the 3D Anime storyline via X (Twitter) our resident narrator Fumie has kindly agreed to chronicle the story via 3D Anime's Tik Tok channel.

<span>Meet Fumie Our Narrator       </span>

Beams Galore

To our newest members, here is your chance to catch up on past beams from 3D Anime.

Some beams come with conditions but there are true Animaniacs out there that have conquered the task with no problems at all.

Embark into a world where stories of Legends are told and magical things happen.

<span>Beams Galore</span>

Legendary Scroll Slots Are Now Open

Good morning, afternoon or evening Animaniacs.

Our Legendary Whitelist Scroll is available.

We do hope that you do not miss out this round as there is only one place left.

This Scroll entitles you to riches untold!!

Mascots, Special Edition NFT's plus 3D Anime Episodes will be delivered directly into your wallet so you will never miss out on a drop, freeing up time for you to enjoy your spoils!

Come and join us on our journey as we approach phase two of our project where 3D Anime's roadmap will be revealed.

<span>Legendary Scroll Slots Are Now Open</span>

Community Incentives

3D Anime has changed the way Animaniacs receive badges.

To earn your bronze badge, simply subscribe to our website and the QR code for your badge will be sent directly to the email address you subscribed with.

We want to encourage new Animaniacs with a little incentive.

There is a limited number available and once they are gone, they will never return.

Happy hunting Animaniacs.

<span>Community Incentives</span>

A Collaboration Mascot Has Been Sited

3D Anime is proud to be part of another collaboration.

Introducing Mascot Hiroshi Axiomech from the New Web3 game titled Axiomech.

A big thank you goes out to the creators of @axiomech for including 3D Anime in your new release.

Much appreciation goes out to you.

Find them on twitter (X) by clicking on the links.

The game is now playable at:

Own this NFT and see what bonuses it unlocks in game.

Can you find Mascot Hiroshi Axiomech?

<span>A Collaboration Mascot Has Been Sited</span>

Young Artist Spotlight

Please show your support to Enjin's youngest artist @LuisinaNFT

This talented artist has just released another NFT from her very own collection.

Meet Moon the snow leopard who is a mysterious shadow.

With her fur patterns as beautiful as they are intricate, she is an expert hunter who glides effortlessly across rugged terarin.

For more information, please click on her name above.

<span>Young Artist Spotlight</span>

Mascot Okaasan Joan Akakura

Revered as the maternal figure who has watched over and cared for all the characters in 3D Anime, Joan Akakura embodies the essence of unconditional love and support.

She provids comfort and care to every character, treating each as her own child, offerring sage advice, drawing from her vast experience and deep understanding of life’s complexities.

Joan Akakura is beloved for her selfless dedication and unwavering support.

Her presence brings a sense of belonging and security, making 3D Anime a nurturing and harmonious place for all.

Her legacy is one of love, care, and the enduring power of maternal warmth, Showing boundless empathy, always ready to lend a listening ear or a helping hand.

<span>Mascot Okaasan Joan Akakura</span>

"3D Anime has revolutionized the way I experience anime. The attention to detail is incredible."

Tony Thomas
(Freelance Artist)


Where can i purchase 3D Anime Nft's?
What currency can i use to buy 3D Anime Nft's

ENJ is the native token used to buy 3D Anime Nft's

How can i purchase ENJ?

You can purchase ENJ from most major crypto exchanges such as

Is there a Whitelist?

Yes our Whitelist spots become available once a target number of followers has been met, announcements will be made closer to the time.

Join our community of animaniacs and experience the magic of 3D anime.

3D Anime bring the original anime concept to life in a way I never thought possible. The 3D visuals added a whole new dimension to storytelling. - George Sanchez

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